Story of Bangarappa


Sri Shankar Bhatt, a Karnataka Brahmin was a contemporary and a staunch devotee of Sripada. He had listened to and witnessed many miracles of  Sripada. He was so fortunate that Sripada gave him the real experiences of the past events taking the time back to the  concern period and creating the exact milieu existed then. As I already stated Sri.Shankar Bhatt authored the biography of Sripada in Sanskrit. It was translated into Telugu by one of the ancestors of Sri. Malladi. Govinda Dikshitulu, who brought this Text into light.

 Each chapter deals with  a particular event happened during the times of Sripada. The ‘Episode of Bangarappa’ is one amongst them. Ab actual kahaani kee oar dhyan de?

Bangarappa was a sorcerer or an occultist (whichever way you want to put it), who lived during the times of Lord Sripada. Once during his wanderings, he encamped in Pithapuram. There he heard the glorious tales of Sripada right from his birth; he was also told about the erudition of  Sri. Bapanaryulu, maternal grand father of Sripada . He was outraged with jealous.

It is one of the most common characteristic of all bad people, feeling jealous of all, of every thing without any reason at all. Isn’t it?

This fellow knew so many spells and developed association with the evil spirits wandering in the lower astral plane. He decided that his first target would be Sri. Bapanaryulu. So using one such spell, he stood near a streamlet, visualized his prey, uttered some mantras and started drinking pots full of water. Actually by this spell the water he drinks instead of going into his stomach gets accumulated in the tummy of the person targeted. A river in spate lashes and cuts off the banks. This charm works on the same line, the accumulated water inflates and bursts open the stomach of the prey causing death with agonizing pain. Earlier he victimized many people to this loathsome trick.

Have you ever heard of such an awful trick? Just see the Divine play. The Omnipotent Divine can do and undo any thing and every thing.  Sripada, the Absolute was with his grandpa at that time. He gently and affectionately stroked grandpa’s stomach with his divine healing hand. The amount of water Bangarappa drank in the name of Bapanaryulu no doubt entered the latter’s stomach but got evaporated by the gentle touch of Sripada. Bangarappa could feel that some thing was going against his charm but did not know how to repel it. So he tried for hours’ together drinking water on and on and ultimately gave up with full exhaustion.

Bangarappa used his second craft. He chanted a snake mantra which mesmerizes and attracts innumerable snakes into the house of the prey causing a horrible death by their venomous bites. Nevertheless, several snakes crawled into the house of Bapanaryulu, instead of biting him they just hung from the trellis like snake gourds for few minutes and then disappeared.

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Story of Vyaghreshwar Sharma


A pious Brahmin couple lived in Atreyapuram, a village in Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. After many prayers, the couple was blessed with a son. The child, the apple of their eye was christened Vyaghreshwar Sharma after their family deity.

 (Vyaghreshwara is one of the names, rather forms of Lord Siva.If you want full information open the link and learn more:

When Vyaghreshwar was 5 years old Aksharabhyasam’ – ceremony of initiation to learning, was performed with full grandeur. He was left under the tutelage of an able Guru. But alas! The poor boy could neither grasp nor recollect anything. Other than uttering his name he could not answer any question. The strenuous attempts of his father to impart knowledge turned futile. Obviously he was ridiculed and shunned by his peers. Whenever the father and son went out together, people mocked at them, “Look! Father is an erudite scholar and ironically the son is just an antithesis to him. The old adage “pandita putraha parama shunthaha” (son of a scholar turns a nescient) applies very apt to them.” The father felt humiliated and started nagging the child and the mother showed total indifference towards the boy. The poor kid used to sob bitterly for being left and ignored by one and all.

One night Vyaghreswar dreamt a divine form approaching and taking him into his hands with such warmth and affection that he hugged him tight appealing amidst sobs never to desert him, not even for a single moment. As if showering the affection of millions of mothers, the Lord without loosening his grip gently patted the boy and consoled him, “Do not bemoan, my son. I am Sripada Srivallabha. I will always be there for you, forever. Proceed to Badarika forest near the Himalayas, and your life will get elevated.” With these words the Lord disappeared. The boy at once woke up and looked around. He could still feel the warmth and the motherly touch of the Divine. Silently he sneaked out of the house and in the darkness of the night proceeded towards Badarika.

On his way he met a congregation of monks who not only led him to the Himalayas but also fulfilled his needs from time to time with loving concern. On reaching Badarika, Vyaghreshwar took a holy dip in Urvashi Kund, a sacred lake. Just then a sage who appeared as the personification of compassion arrived there with an entourage of his disciples. Gazing into his blissful eyes, the boy fell upon his lotus feet and implored the Sage to accept him as his disciple. The Sage gave his consent and stated that, but for the gracious mercy of Lord Sripada, Vyaghreshwar would not have stepped into that holy place sanctified by the penance of Nar and Narayana.

(Nar and Narayan are incarnations of Vishnu. They are brothers. They are the sons of Dharm and his wife Murti. It is said that they are still living like hermits in a holy place called Badrinath, also called Badrikashram.

(For more details about Nar-Narayan visit

The sage informed that Lord Dattatreya had descended in human form as  Shripada Shrivallavha in Pithikapuram. He taught the significance of meditation, Kriya yoga and other related spiritual practices to Vyaghreshwar Sharma and the other disciples. After sometime the Guru announced that he would be leaving for Dronagiri near the Himalayas, to serve and spend some time with Mahavatara Babaji,  his reverend Guru and would return only after one year. He asked his disciples to sincerely practice the lessons he taught, sitting in their respective allotted caves.

Vyaghreshwar Sharma, the poor soul could not understand anything explained by his teacher except that one has to concentrate upon the inner soul to attain self-realization. Sitting in his cave he started pondering, ‘as my name suggests, my soul must be of a tiger. Its hide is used as the seat by the sages and Yogis and is worn by Lord Siva, how great a tiger must be!  So obeying the command of our guru I must meditate upon the tiger. Then only I will become a self-realized man.’  He started meditating upon the form of a tiger with a soul-yearning desire to follow the injunctions of his guru. (click here for page…2)

Sripada Srivallabha – An introduction


I started this blog to make you know about the first and the greatest incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. I guess most of you know that Saibaba is an incarnation of Dattatreya. So, you are familiar with the name Datta or Dattatreya. Yes, yes the God with three heads who appears behind Saibaba with a graceful smile or shall I go with your phrase “a thousand volts smile”? I use very simple language, because my goal is to make you know that our mother land is a treasure-house of such great Divine Fathers, who descended taking human forms like you and me, lived like us and amidst us. Besides they showed the real miracles. They saved people and performed deeds greater than fictional Superman or Spiderman, even from a tender age. We all how know Lord Krishna and how he killed Putana, How he humbled the pride of Kaliya, the snake etc. Sripada also showed his divine play from the very birth itself, of course they were of different nature. But unlike Rama, Krishna and Buddha Sripada took birth in an ordinary poor Brahmin family.
Let us go back to the times of mid 14th century. Imagine a society without trains, or planes, without these English medium educational structure. The most important feature was that the country was not divided into small states. Different territories were ruled by different Kings. There was neither excess population nor pollution problems. Mostly people lead happy and content life sincerely performing the work allocated to them. Of course the mixture of good and bad is always found in any history or in any society in the world.
A devout Brahmin couple – Appalaraja Sharma and Sumati Maharani lived in Sri Pithikapuram. Now it is called Pithapuram and is located in Andhra Pradesh.  As the name suggests Sumati was not a queen, rather she appeared graceful and queenly in her behavior from her childhood. So her father Bapannavadhanulu (Bapanacharyulu) and mother Rajamamba affectionately called her- Maharani – Queen.
Bapanaryulu and Rajamamba were maternal grand parents of our Sripada. Father Appalaraja Sharma in spite of his great scholarship in Vedas, Puranas etc was very humble, led a simple life with his meager income earned through priesthood. He never demanded or accepted more dakshina for whatever rituals he performed for others. Moreover Lord Kalagni Samana Datta used to come out of the idol and talk to him in his Prayer chamber during his worship and prayers. Sumati also befitting to her name was very pure in heart, mind and soul, gave full support to her husband in all the activities and always was ready to help others. They were so poor that sometimes they did not even had cup of milk to offer to their family deity.
Sripada took birth in such a poor family because being Omnipotent he knew that the couple were great pious souls.  Immediately after his birth, all gods and goddesses appeared in the room, with dazzling radiance and the yogis, great seers and siddhas chanted Vedic hymns. Wherever Sripada was slept, a three-headed cobra used to spread its hood over Sripada for 15 continuous days. Even as a month’s baby Sripada chanted verses from Vedas, explained their meaning and sanctified the people who believed him.

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