Formerly when televisions and computers were a privilege of the few, there used to be dinner time and bed time stories which were enacted, dramatized and narrated by the elder members of the family. Generally the stories belonged to Kings, Princes, chivalrous heroes from epics, classics, history, philosophy etc, or moral stories like Panchatantra, Jataka tales etc. The positive feelings expressed in a subtle narration and the morals derived, worked as a foundation to build, develop and mould their character. Now, they have been substituted by bed time T.V daily soaps or crime patrols. The channesl claim that they are preaching ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to the people. But the negativity, the unscrupulousness exposed and magnified to such an extent in each and every character and shown repeatedly in ads leaves only the negative impulses in our minds over a period of time. They work as slow poison. Added to this, the children of this generation are constantly under ‘Peer Stress’ – a new concept,which fortunately or unfortunately I did not go through. In such scenario, we parents and grandparents should encourage children to read good books or browse sites, blogs meant for them. I know it is a Herculean task, but still…krushito naasti durbhiksha). As Lord Krishna said that by listening to His i.e. God’s glory the character and personality of the little minds. So I started blogging with th encourage of my younger daughter, in a hope to inculcate values in as many lives I may touch.

Pictures- courtesy to Google Search Engine.

Drawings- courtesy  to my daughter N.





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