Generally, thought vibrations keep transmitting in all the ten directions of the universe. Good and righteous people are attracted and influenced by good vibrations whereas the bad and unrighteous people get attracted and affected by bad vibrations. Depending upon the quality of vibrations either you will be in the good or in bad company. One should also nourish good thought vibrations and should associate himself with good people. So, Children! try hard to think, speak and do GOOD.GOOD and GOOD.

Gurucharana, one of the devotees of Sripada narrated this incident to Sri Shankar Bhatt.

Gurucharana once went to Jagannath on a business tour. He was accompanied by his business associates. There they went to Jagannath temple. To all of them their favourite deity appeared initially in the idol of Jagannath and only then the real form. Thus Sripada silently enlightened them that the form of all gods and goddesses is one and the same; He appears the way a devotee wants Him to.

On the same day, an ascetic called Dandi Swami arrived there with the entourage of his 108 disciples. It is customary to offer obeisance to Saints, intellects or elders by touching their feet. The moment Gurucharana and his friends touched his feet, Dandi swami literally became dumb. With a fear that they would be looked upon as black magicians they fervently prayed Lord Sripada to return Dandi Swami  his voice. To their great relief he regained his voice. When Dandi Swami  and his disciples came to know that Gurucharana and his associates were the devotees of Sripada they condemned saying, “Sripada is a wicked sorcerer and His disciples are not inferior either. Using your wicked black magic you controlled the speech of our Guru and made him dumb. Of course, our virtuous guru with his spiritual power and ability could regain his speech, within no time.” Then they also threatened Gurucharana saying that their guru would soon visit Pithapuram only to destroy the pseudo-fame of Sripada by exposing his real form to every sun and dry, and then would hoist their victory flag.

Accordingly Dandi Swami came to Pithikapuram. At first he beheld the darshan of Swayambhu Datta and other deities in Kukkuteswara temple. There he announced his mission in public “The glory and greatness of Swayambhu Datta is boundless. But in your village a mere kid is boasting himself to be the incarnation  of Lord Dattatreya. As I am a staunch devotee and a zealous worshipper of Lord Datta, the Lord gave me the responsibility of humbling the pride of Sripada. The destiny of Pithapuram will change for the better from today onwards. Now relax and free yourselves from worry and anxiety. I am there to take care of every thing, (Are, Mai hoon naa?).” Then he manifested sacred ash, vermilion etc from ether with his mystic power and distributed them among the people. The assembly of Brahmins went to temple to bring him into the village amidst Vedic mantras and playing the auspicious instruments like Shehnai, Conch Shell, flute etc. An announcement was made in the entire city to the effect that Sripada, who proclaims himself as the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, has to publicly accept his guilt and should seek apology prostrating on the feet of Dandi Swami; Sri Bapanaryulu, maternal grand father and Appalaraja Sharma, father of Sripada should also seek forgiveness; the latter should personally handover to Dandi Swami the idol of Kalagnisamana Datta which the family has been worshipping  for generations together; and lastly they all should undergo the punishment given by him’.

Except Sripada every one was tense and worried. Sripada asked for curd rice and started eating it. Here in Kukkuteswar temple, morsels of curd rice appeared on the face of the idol of Swayambhu Datta. The temple priest wiped out repeatedly, but yet the morsels continued to appear. The divine game nevertheless surprised every one but they failed to comprehend it.

Dandi Swami with his entourage of old disciples, and the neophytes set out amidst the recital of Vedic hymns and mantras. Though they were walking ahead their onward march was constrained to the same place, as if they were walking on a ‘Tread mill,’ or carrying out “Kadam Taal.’ in March past standing at the same place. And to their awe they felt as if the ground underneath were stretching further on and on.  After a few hours what seemed like years to the congregation, the hand stick of Dandi Swami has broken into two; he fell flat on the ground as if his spine has broken down. The Brahmins turned pale and started shivering and quivering all over. They realised it was the divine play of Sripada; and their immediate concern was  to reach their homes

There Sripada sent Abbanna, the snake charmer and Subbayya, a low caste born to Kukkuteshwara temple giving instructions to sprinkle water from their pots on those who want to accompany him to behold His Darshan, and to sprinkle water on the ground too as the mother earth there was angry and unhappy. He asked them to offer her prayers and to request her to become normal and peaceful. Both of them went and brought them to Sri Bapanaryulu’s house. Sripada spoke firmly, “Dandi Swami! What arrogance and what a pride! O ignoramus! Lord Datta, whom you have been worshipping, has descended in human form and stood in front of you and you deny recognising him. Your disciples and the neo-disciples from Pithapuram follow your suit. A blind leading the blind. You and your sycophants are accumulating sin by accusing the Lord. Chitragupta already passed the verdict against you- to wander as evil spirits for hundreds of years. But feeling pity for you I held him back from enforcing the punishment.

In fact, I am the formless Divine player who creates, sustains and destroys the universe. I assumed this form to shower my love and grace upon you. I descended to preach the path of Dharma, karma, devotion and knowledge. I am the highest truth of all the truths, highest dharma of all dharmas and basic cause of all causes. No single object in this entire creation exists without my conviction. Dandi Swami! Don’t get entangled in the delusive bond of disciples and don’t amuse yourself in the company of these Brahmins. Go to Himalayas all alone and perform penance.” Dandi swami who had already learnt his lesson went away all alone without a second word or thought after paying humble salutations to Sripada. Later, he performed penance totally surrendering himself to the Supreme and attained liberation. What a happy ending!!

Sripada gave a mild punishment to Dandi Swami because he hadn’t any other evil traits other than the false pride about his devout devotion to Lora Datta.which was aggravated by the flattery of the followers. God the Almighty knew that Dandi Swami could reform himself without undergoing any harsh punishment. As I already told you, Sripada brought him onto the path with a mild dose. Isn’t it great?

Next, will be a story illustrating how the author Shankar Bhatt was chased and entangled in the claws and fangs of crows and snakes respectively.