Here the relatives bribed the village head man and illegally occupied a portion of the land in their house. The village headman declared it as disputed land and granted permission to the relatives to grow vegetables till the verdict is given. The time was running- taariq pe taariq, taariq pe taariq chalaa jaa rahaa thaa, but he did not finalise the matter.

A snake charmer came to their village on Nagula Chavithi day (the fourth lunar day after Dipavali). With the powers of Mantras, he could bring any type of venomous snake under his control. He could regenerate life into a person whose life would seem to be ebbing away due to snake bite. He had ‘Garuda line’ (eagle) in the palm. The scriptures say that the snakes meekly submit to the person who has ‘Garuda’ line in the palm. Our relatives and the headman took him into confidence to conspire against Narayana and his family. Their fist target was – to kill the snakes.

Despite the protests of the family, the surrounding area of the snake hole was set on fire. Occultist sat on his seat, started doing black magic in strange ways, chanting the mantras aloud. The cobras came out of the hole as if they were enchanted by black magic. The size of the snakes was increasing every moment and they crawled towards the blazing flames. Oh, what a wonderful sight! The fire was getting extinguished at the places where the snakes were moving on as if giving them a way. Eventually, fire fully got extinguished. The snakes majestically crawled away and disappeared while every one was gaping at them in awe.

Suddenly, the symptoms of snake-bite without being bitten by the snake appeared in the body of the eldest son of headman – bloody foam was coming out of his mouth; he was swaying violently from side to side unable to bear the pain and his body was turning blue. While the second son all-of-sudden lost his vision. Both the incidents shattered the courage of headman. Occultist tried all the possible ways chanting the mantras, but of no use. The ‘Garuda line’ slowly disappeared from his palm and the occultist lay on the floor dead. The ambience was tense and filled with grief and sorrow. The village headman rushed to Narayana, who consoled him saying that both the sons would be cured by offering prayers to Sripada.

Body of the occultist was taken to the burial ground and was set to fire after placing it upon the funeral pyre. Suddenly the dead body became alive and started shouting to save him. The sentinels of the crematory said that the occultist had turned into an evil spirit and entered into his own body. A spirit with its own body is more dangerous and harmful than the spirits who enter into other’s body. No one was dared to help him. However a kind-hearted sentinel poured water on it. Instead of extinguishing the fire, water worked as fuel and flames increased. Astonishingly, the flames did not burn or consume his body, no organ got damaged or deformed either, but yet the blazing flames were visible to all and he was undergoing the torture and pain of being burnt.

The dead body of occultist, the moving inferno got up from the pyre; yelling, hopping and jumping it reached the headman’s house. The devotees there were carrying out ‘Sripada naama sankeertan’ and the bhajan ‘Datta Digambaraa! Datta Digambaraa! Sripada Vallabha! Datta Digambaraa!’; the entire atmosphere was filled with serene and blissful vibrations.

Oh, Is Sripada the incarnation of Datta? Then is he also a Digambar? What an insanity to remain without clothes? Thus the occultist used to comment and make fun of Sripada. . Sripada, brought him from cemetery and made him stand in sky-clad in front of all his devotees with flames blazing all over the body. The one, who surrenders to him with all his humility, is very much safe just like a baby in her mother’s lap; and for the egoistic Sripada pays back in their own coin.

Children, remember, this is not out of anger or vengeance; on the contrary to make them realize that Aatmavat sarva Bhutaani’ i.e. one has to treat others as he treats himself, i.e. a thing or an act which causes pain to oneself obviously proves painful to others too. If every one realizes this truth peace remains and pervades every where. Some easily learn this lesson while some realize it in a hard way.  Sripada is the best physician of the universe; He knows and decides the therapeutic dose depending upon the seriousness of the ailment of the patient concerned.

While bhajan of Sripada was in progress he was getting relief as and when he danced.. But the moment he stopped dancing, the pain doubled. He felt embarrassed and ashamed to dance in nudity in public. He realised that it was his mistake. He recollected how wickedly he killed the snakes using his spell, enchanting them to jump into fire and how he ridiculed the great sadhus and naked sanyasis. His repentance reached such a peak that he mentally confessed and whole heartedly surrendered himself to Sripada.

No sooner he became a reformed-soul from within, the flames subsided and the fire got extinguished. Some one offered him garment. With lot of enthusiasm he participated in bhajan. Both the sons of headman were recovered by the sunset. The occultist led a pious life meditating upon Sripada. Village headman gave verdict in favour of old couple. Every one in the village lived happily and peacefully there after.