Sripada was only a four years old kid when this event had taken place.

Since this is a very short story, I want to share some thing with you. Most of these events circumvent around the theory of Karma. In short, depending upon the type of deeds one performs one reaps the fruits, either bitter or sweet like honey. Boyaa ped babool kaa aam kahaan se hoy?  Sripada repeatedly says that one should not hurt the feelings of others either in words or in deeds. If you do not want to or cannot help a person, politely express your inability. Don’t breed negative feelings like arrogance, false pride, jealousy etc; they attract evil and harmful vibrations from ether which in turn throw you in the dungeon of troubles. Tasmaat Jaagrata Jaagrata (beware of Bad actions)

This event was narrated by Subbaih Sreshthi to Sri Shakar Bhatt:

Kulasekhara, a Keralite was proficient in ‘varma kalai’or ‘Marma kalai’. It is a martial art, varmam or marmam means vital points and thus it means the Art of vital points. It comprises of attacking or applying pressure on the vital points, which may either paralyse or take out the breath of the person depending upon the force and velocity of the strike or pressure applied. According to varma kalai, the deadly martial art, our body has 350 therapeutic varma points and 108 lethal varma points which can be attacked. At the same time it is a science of harmony between mind, soul and body and is used as a healing art to treat patients suffering from different ailments applying required pressure on vital points. Acharya Sushruta, father of surgery was the profounder of varma kalai.

(For any additional information refer to these links. It seems Lord Shiva taught this martial art to his consort Parvati. ;

Kulasekhara was a devotee of Lord Venkateswara. Travelling through all the kingdoms, fighting and defeating and receiving victory banners from the wrestlers in Malla Yuddha or the Art of Wrestling, he finally arrived at Pithikapuram. All the wrestlers of Pithapuram assembled together and discussed about the pros and cons of the combat. They were sure that either they had to face defeat or death in his hands. They approached Sripada with a hope that if he is really the incarnation of Lord Datta he would definitely bring them out of this imminent danger. They expressed their fear and requested him to save them.

Sri NarasimhaVarma was a close friend of Sri Bapanaryulu. Sripada used to call him Grandpa’. Varma had a servant, called Bhima, who was born weak with deformities and a hunchback. He was nicknamed as ‘Ashtaavakra’(person with eight deformities). He was an ardent admirer and a devout devotee of Sripada. He often entreated Sripada to treat him of his deformities. Sripada always postponed the matter with a smile and commented that at an appropriate time he would not only cure him of his disease but would transform him into a strong and handsome man.

Now, Sripada selected Bhima to fight against Kulasekhara. Bhima who had an immense faith in Sripada prepared at once to jump into the arena. But the wrestlers anticipated the end of Bhima and started prayers silently for the peace of his soul, in advance.

Wrestling started at the scheduled time and place. All the inhabitants assembled at the venue to watch the offbeat competition; they too felt certain that Bhima would collapse with the very first blow. Contrary to their assumptions, Bhima became stronger and stronger with each strike and with each blow he received and Lo! he stood erect like a pillar with no trace of hunchback. Poor Kulasekhara, who was at the giving end, became weaker and weaker with every punch he gave and finally fell at the lotus feet of Sripada. Sripada declared that he had interchanged Bhima’s weakness into Kulasekhar’s body and his strength into Bhima’s. Further he reprimanded him, “Kulasekhar! You have misused your proficiency in Varma Kalai, the martial art. Instead of using it for the welfare of the people, to cure the diseased and to serve the mankind you turned head-strong and egoistic. So I am taking away the martial art too from you.  Initiate yourself into asceticism and practice yoga.” Then Sripada appeared in the form of Lord Venkateswara to him (as he was a devotee of Balaji) for a minute and asked him to leave the place.