Sri Shankar Bhatt, a Karnataka Brahmin was a contemporary and a staunch devotee of Sripada. He had listened to and witnessed many miracles of  Sripada. He was so fortunate that Sripada gave him the real experiences of the past events taking the time back to the  concern period and creating the exact milieu existed then. As I already stated Sri.Shankar Bhatt authored the biography of Sripada in Sanskrit. It was translated into Telugu by one of the ancestors of Sri. Malladi. Govinda Dikshitulu, who brought this Text into light.

 Each chapter deals with  a particular event happened during the times of Sripada. The ‘Episode of Bangarappa’ is one amongst them. Ab actual kahaani kee oar dhyan de?

Bangarappa was a sorcerer or an occultist (whichever way you want to put it), who lived during the times of Lord Sripada. Once during his wanderings, he encamped in Pithapuram. There he heard the glorious tales of Sripada right from his birth; he was also told about the erudition of  Sri. Bapanaryulu, maternal grand father of Sripada . He was outraged with jealous.

It is one of the most common characteristic of all bad people, feeling jealous of all, of every thing without any reason at all. Isn’t it?

This fellow knew so many spells and developed association with the evil spirits wandering in the lower astral plane. He decided that his first target would be Sri. Bapanaryulu. So using one such spell, he stood near a streamlet, visualized his prey, uttered some mantras and started drinking pots full of water. Actually by this spell the water he drinks instead of going into his stomach gets accumulated in the tummy of the person targeted. A river in spate lashes and cuts off the banks. This charm works on the same line, the accumulated water inflates and bursts open the stomach of the prey causing death with agonizing pain. Earlier he victimized many people to this loathsome trick.

Have you ever heard of such an awful trick? Just see the Divine play. The Omnipotent Divine can do and undo any thing and every thing.  Sripada, the Absolute was with his grandpa at that time. He gently and affectionately stroked grandpa’s stomach with his divine healing hand. The amount of water Bangarappa drank in the name of Bapanaryulu no doubt entered the latter’s stomach but got evaporated by the gentle touch of Sripada. Bangarappa could feel that some thing was going against his charm but did not know how to repel it. So he tried for hours’ together drinking water on and on and ultimately gave up with full exhaustion.

Bangarappa used his second craft. He chanted a snake mantra which mesmerizes and attracts innumerable snakes into the house of the prey causing a horrible death by their venomous bites. Nevertheless, several snakes crawled into the house of Bapanaryulu, instead of biting him they just hung from the trellis like snake gourds for few minutes and then disappeared.

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