I started this blog to make you know about the first and the greatest incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. I guess most of you know that Saibaba is an incarnation of Dattatreya. So, you are familiar with the name Datta or Dattatreya. Yes, yes the God with three heads who appears behind Saibaba with a graceful smile or shall I go with your phrase “a thousand volts smile”? I use very simple language, because my goal is to make you know that our mother land is a treasure-house of such great Divine Fathers, who descended taking human forms like you and me, lived like us and amidst us. Besides they showed the real miracles. They saved people and performed deeds greater than fictional Superman or Spiderman, even from a tender age. We all how know Lord Krishna and how he killed Putana, How he humbled the pride of Kaliya, the snake etc. Sripada also showed his divine play from the very birth itself, of course they were of different nature. But unlike Rama, Krishna and Buddha Sripada took birth in an ordinary poor Brahmin family.
Let us go back to the times of mid 14th century. Imagine a society without trains, or planes, without these English medium educational structure. The most important feature was that the country was not divided into small states. Different territories were ruled by different Kings. There was neither excess population nor pollution problems. Mostly people lead happy and content life sincerely performing the work allocated to them. Of course the mixture of good and bad is always found in any history or in any society in the world.
A devout Brahmin couple – Appalaraja Sharma and Sumati Maharani lived in Sri Pithikapuram. Now it is called Pithapuram and is located in Andhra Pradesh.  As the name suggests Sumati was not a queen, rather she appeared graceful and queenly in her behavior from her childhood. So her father Bapannavadhanulu (Bapanacharyulu) and mother Rajamamba affectionately called her- Maharani – Queen.
Bapanaryulu and Rajamamba were maternal grand parents of our Sripada. Father Appalaraja Sharma in spite of his great scholarship in Vedas, Puranas etc was very humble, led a simple life with his meager income earned through priesthood. He never demanded or accepted more dakshina for whatever rituals he performed for others. Moreover Lord Kalagni Samana Datta used to come out of the idol and talk to him in his Prayer chamber during his worship and prayers. Sumati also befitting to her name was very pure in heart, mind and soul, gave full support to her husband in all the activities and always was ready to help others. They were so poor that sometimes they did not even had cup of milk to offer to their family deity.
Sripada took birth in such a poor family because being Omnipotent he knew that the couple were great pious souls.  Immediately after his birth, all gods and goddesses appeared in the room, with dazzling radiance and the yogis, great seers and siddhas chanted Vedic hymns. Wherever Sripada was slept, a three-headed cobra used to spread its hood over Sripada for 15 continuous days. Even as a month’s baby Sripada chanted verses from Vedas, explained their meaning and sanctified the people who believed him.